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What is a hoverboard?
A hoverboard is an e-board that is controlled by shifting your weight. It is powered by rechargeable batteries that can be recharged over and over again. It is important to pay attention to the quality of a best hoverboard uk and not to buy cheap and inferior products.

This is an important point to consider when making a purchase. In the worst case, inferior batteries can overheat or even explode. 
A hoverboard is charged first. Maximum charging time is 3 hours and no more. A hoverboard should not be charged overnight if nobody is awake and can unplug it after three hours!
How to ride a hoverboard properly
Riding a hoverboard seems incredibly difficult on the first try. I, too, only let my girls drive with supervision on the first day. I myself couldn’t stay on the board for a second. It was different with my son, he had already learned it and when you watched him ride you got the feeling that it was totally easy.

The thing is, it’s easy!

Less than two hours later, my girls (8 and 9 years old) were able to drive and I can now too (not as well as the children, but still). It’s kind of like riding a bicycle. At first it seems impossible, but once you get the feel for it, it’s just great. It’s the same with the hoverboard. You have to find the balance. 
1. Step onto the hoverboard & stand
Step onto the hoverboard gently with the dominant foot first & quickly follow with the other foot while trying to stand still with the hoverboard. As soon as the feet rock forwards or backwards, the hoverboard begins to move forwards or backwards accordingly. A solid foot position ensures a calm standstill.

You should not concentrate obsessively, but trust in your own body feeling.

2. Moving around with the hoverboard

Once you can safely stand still on the hoverboard, you can gently push the balls of your feet down to move forward. To move backwards, push your heels down. You will quickly notice that the hoverboard reacts highly sensitively to this pressure and moves accordingly.

3. Turn right or left

The easiest way to move the hoverboard to the right & left is to shift your body weight in the appropriate direction.

If you describe this process with a right bend, this means that the right side of the right and left foot is loaded.

When bending to the left, the left side of the left & right foot is loaded accordingly.

4. Get off the hoverboard

It is only possible to dismount with one step backwards. The non-dominant foot leaves the hoverboard first, followed by the dominant one.
Hoverboard  Bluetooth
Riding a hoverboard is just great fun. The kids just love it and I don’t regret for a second letting them do that. It’s just great. However, you also have to pay attention to safety. You have to do that when you ride a bike, especially with the children. As a parent, you know that and you have to take it seriously.
Children learn quickly and they just feel great about their bodies. Better than us adults. My son is very confident on this board, and now the girls are too. I also showed you this in the InstaStories on Instagram . Anyone who follows me there will have noticed how much fun they are having. I honestly didn’t think they’d learn it so quickly. But that’s how it was.

But our hoverboard has another extra that makes it even more fun – Bluetooth. You can simply connect your smartphone to the hoverboards UK via Bluetooth and listen to music while riding the board. I’ve never liked Bluetooth as much as I do now. The volume is fantastic, clear and powerful sound just brings you a good mood while driving. Kind of like driving a car, and that’s exactly why I’m someone who likes to listen to music. I hardly ever use Bluetooth, including the kids. In this case, it has become indispensable. It’s so awesome. I can absolutely recommend a hoverboard with Bluetooth.

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