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Children notice everything, and right now, with so many electric scooters circulating on the streets, the next gift they ask for is most likely a scooter. Before buying it, we recommend that you see our guide to the best kids hoverboards.

The most important thing is to understand that it is not a mere toy. A Kids Hoverboard is one thing, to which by the way you can already add a seat to sit and sit flush with the ground, and another thing is an electric scooter. For this second case, it is better to consider it a vehicle and not a toy.

If even so, the insistence of the little ones in the house wins, we are not going to leave you sold out and then we are going to indicate some tips so that the use of the electric scooter by your children is as safe as possible.

Main tips  For Children To Use  The Kids Hoverboard Safely

We omit the most obvious aspects such as the protection of children with a helmet, gloves, knee pads or elbow pads to indicate a series of more specific tips for Kids Hoverboard

At What  Age  Can Children use a Kids Hoverboard?

Most scooter manufacturers recommend that their use be done from 8 years of age . For Kids Hoverboard that have motors of 500W or more, an age greater than 12 years is recommended. On the other hand, organizations such as the UK Academy of Pediatrics set the minimum age to drive a Kids Hoverboard at 10 years of age.

Maintenance  and Optimal Conditions

It is important that the electric scooter has up-to-date maintenance, that is, that the brakes and wheels are in perfect condition, that there are no loose screws or keys and that the battery is well charged and works correctly and safely. Do not forget to purchase approved Kids Hoverboards. Remember that it must have CE approval, which is already an indicator of a quality and safety standard.

Make sure Children Avoid Water

Yes, it sounds like common sense, but put yourself in the children’s shoes. Go over a puddle with a Kids Hoverboard

Supervise the use of Kids Hoverboards by children to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Kids Hoverboard | OFFICIAL APPS

The main brands in the market have developed mobile applications with user guides and recommendations for the use of their Kids Hoverboards. Some of them are very focused on children. If this is your case, try to ensure that children use the App and soak up everything they need to know to make safe use of their new scooter.

Know The Abec of your Kids Hoverboards

You probably don’t know what ABEC is. This is the index that is applied to the hoverboard bearings and translates into the rotation speed that they can generate, that is, the speed that the vehicle can reach. For children, the use of Kids Hoverboards with ABEC1 is recommended. Its operation is fluid, without major jerks, so it helps to avoid possible falls.

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