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The term “Coherence and Cohesion” in the PTE Writing module Task may appear. On the PTE, it contributes 25% of the final score. The majority of pupils ignore this part of the test. They are unable to achieve high marks in writing tests as a result. There are a few ideas that must be learned before writing an essay for the test. An inaccuracy of any size could lower your score. An extensive introduction to coherence and cohesion will be given in this essay.

With the use of the PTE, non-native English speakers can prove to other countries that they are capable of interacting and communicating in English. The subject is vast. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening all help you prepare. You need a score of at least 60 to be eligible for a VISA from major countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and others. As a result, we strongly suggest that you conduct extensive research before taking the exam. Because of this, you can speak with the specialists at the top PTE coaching to learn more about “coherence and cohesiveness” for your PTE Writing module.

To learn more about coherence and cohesion for the PTE Writing Module, keep reading this page.

Coherence: What Is It?

Coherence is the general structure of the essay. Therefore, you must structure the essay and its paragraphs in accordance with the tips below if you want to receive the highest grade on the PTE Writing module:

Body, Introduction, and Conclusion

A format for the start

It must describe the essay’s goal and how it will help the reader with their problem. It must be succinct. The reader should be aware of whether they plan to read the entire article and what they will gain from doing so. Additionally, the reader’s point of resolution must be included. The breakdown of your introduction is as follows:

Include the underlying concept of the subject in your discussion.

Name the subject that will be covered in more detail.

How does your essay address the issue and offer a solution?

Remember that during your PTE Writing module, the examiner has numerous copies to read, so keep the introduction to a minimum. If you try to lengthen your essay by adding extra words, you risk receiving a lower mark.

The physical organization of your essay

Partition your body paragraph to create a strong one. Each paragraph needs to be focused on just one idea. The opening paragraph should begin with the main idea or message. Explain the core idea by stressing its advantages and providing relevant instances. You might include any additional benefits or remarks about the person in the second paragraph of the body.

You must mention any shortcomings or bad aspects in the third paragraph if there are any. Remember that you must present all sides of an argument while writing an essay on a certain topic in your PTE Writing module. Your content ought to be original and unbiased. The subject’s benefits and drawbacks must thus be written. It shows that you are knowledgeable and skilled about the issue. Sometimes all you need is a knowledgeable direction that will improve your preparations with ease.


You must summarise both your position and the arguments you made in the body of this section. Your justification must be pertinent. After briefly restating the entire argument, offer your viewpoint, recommendation, or idea.
As a result, Coherence Framework is finished for the PTE Writing module. However, you must employ exact vocabulary, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and connecting words among other things if you want to achieve good outcomes.

Coherence: What Is It?

The degree of connectedness between the essay’s sentences and paragraphs is referred to as cohesion. It alludes to the orderly flow of all knowledge. You must make sure that your ideas flow smoothly from line to line and from paragraph to paragraph as you start writing an essay. Pronouns like “these,” “like this,” etc. can be used by a candidate to connect the idea of one statement to the meaning of the sentence before it.

On the other hand, to connect the phrase, use conjunctions like because, in that way, as a result, and so. Therefore, be mindful to utilize these terms in numbers less frequently if you want to perform well on the PTE Writing module. Low scores and the overuse of particular phrases can be related. Pronoun use is thus a fantastic additional strategy for avoiding connections.

The aforementioned considerations should be kept in mind when writing a great essay. Do you require more help to pass the entire PTE exam? Please make reference to the most efficient PTE online coaching.


Therefore, work on your writing skills to achieve the maximum coherence and cohesion score possible in your PTE Writing module. A logical flow is necessary for a compelling essay. Each sentence ought to be informative. It should prove to the examiner that you are a knowledgeable and outstanding researcher. Therefore, in the conclusion, you must support both sides of the argument you raised in the body part.


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