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The IELTS writing section, being a vital part of the IELTS exam, takes a deep insight into the writing skills of the candidates. Many test-givers struggle to score well in this section due to common mistakes. No doubt, we have gained expertise in writing English since our academics. But still, there are some mistakes that hamper the candidate’s progress in the IELTS writing section.

Before we move on to the topic, let us inform you that the IELTS exam is a legitimate certificate that helps you prove your English language proficiency to organizations. To achieve an overall band, one must prepare for each and every section of the IELTS exam. Read this blog to know some exceptional tips for the IELTS writing section.

Remember that crushing common mistakes is an integral part of the smart study as this will help you keep your exam preparations error-free. Avoid mistakes that can affect your writing style with the help of this article.

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Avoid the mistakes elaborated on below and ace the IELTS writing section incredibly:

Ignoring word limit

You will receive a word limit and you have to keep your answer confined to this word limit. Usually, you will have to write your answers within 250 to 150 words as per the instructions. But the instructions can get changed. Thus, read the instructions before you take the exam. Organizing your answer in advance will help you represent your answer in the best manner and include all the vital points to write within the word limit.

Rewriting the articles in the newspaper in a new pattern and vocabulary will help you polish your writing skills to the greatest level.

Repeating words

It is to be noted that while writing the answer, you can’t repeat the words. Because this will create a bad impression when the examiner will read the answer. Along with that, make sure that you aren’t repeating the lines. Change the words with their best synonyms and change the pattern of the lines to avoid repetitions of the words. Thus, this indicates that one must be proficient in synonyms and grammar rules to ace the IELTS writing section.

Polish your knowledge about the basic patterns in the English language and synonyms. Apart from this, learning antonyms will also help you write the answer impressively.

Not organizing ideas

In the rush to complete the answer, many candidates don’t prefer to organize the ideas in advance. They just start writing the answers on the sheet which results in the poor organization of the answers. You have to maintain a relationship in the lines and examples that you are writing. Thus, sparing 30 seconds to think of the ideas that you have to write in the answer is a must for you.

We don’t want you to write an illogical answer as this will get you low scores. Plan in advance all the examples, facts, or definitions that you are going to write in the answer.

Irrelevant answer

Many candidates often don’t pay attention to the actual topic of the question. Which makes them write illogical examples and facts that don’t have any direct relation to the topic. If the examiner is finding it hard to relate your answer with the topics asked in the question. Then, he will penalize you for writing an irrelevant answer. Thus, make sure to understand the question first and write a relevant answer to the question. Otherwise, going off the topic can get you a poor score in the IELTS writing section.

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We hope that the blog will assist you in overcoming all the errors that may deteriorate your performance in the IELTS writing section. If you are struggling to excel in the section. Then, taking help from experts can improve your writing style. Thus, don’t hesitate to become part of an incredible platform that has highly trained professionals to polish your language skills.


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