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Sharing posts indiscriminately is one of the trust fatal mistakes that you should pay attention to and avoid while implementing your company’s social media management plan, as this helps reach the largest possible audience and customers since they are aware of the posting dates.

Thus, their interaction on publications is greater. In addition, Code Guru did not neglect to respond and interact with our customers and especially the negative comments of customers on our company’s social media accounts.

You won’t benefit the customer if they see your post and then continue browsing online without doing any particular action, don’t expect them to.

The call to action varies depending on each company’s goals and what it wants its customers to do. Do you want the customer to share the post? Do you want him to click on a link? Or do you want him to message you to get the offer?

In order to succeed in social media content management, Code Guru created useful and high-quality content for our audience in order to successfully communicate the message and vision of our brand to our customers.

In order to save time and effort, we hired Code Guru to prepare content for social media accounts suitable for our brand.

The management of social media sites is a strategy that consists of a set of steps, including, for example: creating, publishing and analyzing content on social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms. In addition to interacting with users and responding to them in order to strengthen relations with them. Some free and paid tools can be used in this process to save time and effort and improve productivity.

The strategy of managing social networking sites is one of the important things that every professional e-marketer should know so that he can achieve the goal and desire of the customer that he desires. Code Guru showed us that creating a social media marketing strategy is not difficult and it is easy to do.

They chose the goals of our marketing campaigns in line with our business goals through social media, as the word S.M.A.R.T is a carving of the following English initials:




Relevant to our activities and services 


An overall framework for SMART goals guided our actions and ensured that they will lead to real business results by having a method in place.


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