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Fortunately, there is no need to explain how important it is to wear seat belts. Judging by the results of the survey, 95% of respondents adhere to this rule. Those who choose other options are in an absolute minority: 2% are ready to buckle up “only if we drive very fast”, and 3% rely on the accuracy and experience of a taxi driver. However, they can be reminded that not only reckless drivers get into accidents, but also those neat and experienced drivers into whom these reckless drivers crash. I am glad that the self-consciousness of people is changing. However, the tradition of wearing a seatbelt in the back seat has not yet entered our lives in the same massive way. Until recently, passengers, as a rule, did not know at all that this was necessary – but paragraph 2.1.2 of the SDA does require this and Taxis from Luton Airpot.

The opinion that the soft backs of the front seats suppo

However, if a taxi driver violates the speed limit and other traffic rules, be sure to report this to the aggregator’s support service. In the Lucky service, this can be done both in the application chat and in a telephone conversation. Each taxi service is interested in the fact that there are not insufficiently responsible drivers in its ranks. It would be useful to recall that speeding violations are the most common traffic violations. At a recent meeting in the government of Bashkiria, the head of the republic, Radiy Khabirov, said that “we need a new driving culture”, associated primarily with speed limits, because “we are repairing an unprecedented number of roads, and here a dilemma arises – they start to “fly” on good roads. Drivers must understand that when we punish them, we are not hunting for their money, but giving them life and Luton Taxi Service.

Do not distract the taxi driver with conversations

One of the most interesting points of the study. According to the survey “What annoys the taxi driver?”, which was conducted by the service “Lucky”, 21.7% of taxi drivers do not like to chat with passengers. Conversations turned out to be one of the main irritants. What about the passengers? The study also tracked their sociability. It turned out, however, that there are not so many “active” talkers, whom you don’t feed with bread – let the taxi driver tell you about all your problems (3%). Another 27% of passengers are ready to keep up a conversation if the driver is in the mood for it. The majority – 70% – do not feel the need to talk on the road and Luton Taxi Service.

The tunnel consciousness turns

It’s understandable how dangerous talking while driving is – they distract from the road, reduce concentration, and increases reaction time. But until now it could not be “counted”. Such studies are now underway. The discussion of this problem has grown out of the already fairly old rule of traffic rules, which prohibits talking on the phone while driving. When this norm was introduced, it was believed that the main problem was “physical”: it was the smartphone itself in the driver’s hand.

Construction and Legislation

Therefore, the rules in the current edition allow a conversation using a hands-free headset. However, this rule may be changed, because experts say that the main problem is not at all in busy hands. This year, the traffic police said that “the most dangerous factor is distraction by conversation, and not a foreign object in the hands” (quote from the Izvestia newspaper). The State Duma also made a proposal to adjust the rules. “Even when you talk on the speakerphone, the tunnel consciousness turns on. You don’t see anything, you don’t hear anything, you only react reflexively to changes in the traffic situation,” said Vyacheslav Lysakov, deputy chairman of the Committee on State Construction and Legislation.

And if so, then a conversation with a passenger is not safer than a phone call. By the way, according to a study from one of the universities, which is referred to by the media, talking while driving (regardless of the presence of a smartphone in hand) increases the likelihood of an accident by four times.

Do not get out of the car anywhere

Fortunately, 63% of passengers understand that getting out of the car in a dangerous place – in the middle of a traffic jam in the second row or where stopping is prohibited by a sign or markings – is impossible . Nevertheless, the notion of a taxi as a service is still widespread, where everything is on the principle of “whatever you want”, and the driver can be required to stop at any arbitrary place and Luton Taxi Service .

the culture of behavior

It is not only a matter of violating the rules of the road – moreover, an unexpected maneuver can create an emergency situation not only where these maneuvers are prohibited. It’s also about respect for the urban environment. Today, this topic is becoming more and more relevant for Ufa and is being actively discussed by society. We must respect not only the rules but also the interests of each other, and the city in which we live. This is the basis for the culture of behavior and existence in a metropolis – a place where there are so many people that it is very easy to disturb someone’s comfort and Luton Taxi Service.

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