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The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, was shot in the leg on Thursday by a gunman who opened fire on his convoy.

Imran Khan is currently recovering in the hospital and his condition is stable.

The attack has drawn international condemnation, with President Arif Alvi calling it an “attempted assassination.”

One person died and at least 10 others were injured in the attack.

Mr. Khan’s supporters have been quick to condemn the attack and call for calm, while Mr. Khan’s political opponents have also been quick to condemn it.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif ordered an immediate investigation into the shooting.

How attack Unfolded:

Mr. Khan has been battling to get back to the office since he was removed recently – had been driving a “long walk” of fights calling for early races to work with his rebound.

By Thursday, his caravan had arrived at Wazirabad, where groups had accumulated to hear him talk.

He was remained on top of an open truck bed encompassed by assistants and his other party individuals when the shots rang out.

“It was unexpected to the point that it took me some time to comprehend what was happening,” one party staff member, Mueezuddin, told the BBC.

Be that as it may, from their vantage point they had the option to choose the aggressor.

“We saw the aggressor had discharged an entire magazine,” Mueezuddin said, “[and he had] stacked one more magazine when a kid snatched him from behind.”

Unconfirmed recordings via web-based entertainment show an aggressor in the group pointing his gun at Mr. Khan’s escort prior to being overwhelmed by Mr. Khan’s allies.

The film of the episode and witness accounts recommended a safety officer was likewise seen terminating from the compartment.

According to Today Stats:

According to today’s stats, almost 10 people including the ex-prime minister of Pakistan injured and 1 man died on that’s sorrowful occasion read more at isbtime


Watch the video for more info:


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