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Cancer is a disease that occurs when abnormal cells in the body grow out of control. Cancer can spread to other parts of the body, and it can also affect the ability of a person’s tissues to function properly. Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide without control and grow out of control. Cancer cells can also spread from where they are located to other parts of the body.

Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to divide and form abnormal masses of tissue. Cells can become cancerous because they divide very quickly and don’t stop growing. It’s not clear exactly what causes cancer but there are some risk factors that can increase your chances of getting it.

The most common types of cancer are:

Breast cancer: This type of cancer begins in the tissue lining the female breast. The most common forms are ductal carcinoma, which begins in a glandular structure called a duct, and lobular carcinoma, which starts in one or more clusters or groups of glands.

Colorectal cancer: This type of cancer begins in the tissue lining the large intestine (colon). There are many different types of colorectal cancers, including adenocarcinoma and adenomatous polyps.

Prostate cancer: This type of cancer begins in the prostate gland, which produces semen and helps produce hormones that regulate sexual function. The most common form is no metastatic prostate cancer that has spread from another site such as bone or lymph nodes but not to nearby organs such as bones or lungs.


The causes of most cancers are unknown. Cancer is not caused by infection or radiation exposure. It develops when abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and form a mass of tissue called a tumor. Most cancers begin as small lumps in the breast, colon or rectum.

In some cases, tumors can be caused by genetics or environmental factors such as smoking or exposure to toxic chemicals like asbestos (found in insulation). Cancers caused by these factors are called hereditary cancers.


There’s no way to completely prevent cancer. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk for developing certain types of cancer.


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