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In osrs black dragon is a most powerful character, it has an anti-dragon shield and anti-fire body. Black Dragon is the most powerful character and the strongest chromatic dragon of the Old school RuneScape game.


A large reptilian monster that has wings and the ability to exhale fire is known as a dragon. The first dragon was created by Dragonkin in an attempt to cure to the curse. Dragons can live for a very long time and have the ability to communicate with each other, most lack the brain capacity to do so.

Types of Dragon in Osrs:

In the game Osrs(Old School RuneScape) many types of dragons are used as the character of the game these are the following

  • Black dragon
  • Red dragon
  • Blue dragon
  • Green dragon
  • Bronze dragon
  • Iron dragon
  • Steel dragon
  • Rune dragon
  • Lava dragon
  • Crystalline dragon

These are some famous dragon characters of Osrs game in this article we take a brief note on Black Dragon osrs.

Black Dragon Osrs:

 A black dragon is a type of chromatic dragon, and it drops a draconic visage. In the slayer task king black dragon, the Baby black dragon, and the brutal black dragon may kill instead of the black dragon. 

Black Dragon Location:

Taverley Dungeon2227
Taverley Dungeon (Upper Level)12227
Corsair Cove Dungeon2227
Evil Chicken’s Lair4227
Lava Maze Dungeon2227
Wilderness Slayer Cave3247

Black dragons is found in the western wing of  Waverley dungeon. There are two spots;

  • Common Area
  • Slayer Area

Common area;

Only two black dragons are found in the common area.

Taken from Osrs wiki:

Slayer Area:

In the slayer area of osrs players can find twelve to thirteen black dragons.

Taken from Osrs Wiki:

Black Dragon Drops Table:

Following are the drops’ table of the black dragon;


Mithril 2h sword11/32
Adamant platebody11/128
Rune longsword11/128
Rune knife21/42.67
Mithril kiteshield11/128
Mithril axe11/42.67
Mithril battleaxe11/42.67


Adamant javelin301/6.4
Air rune751/128
Adamant dart(p)161/18.29
Law rune101/25.6
Blood rune151/42.67
Fire rune501/16

Rare Drops:

Rune battleaxe11/2,731
Uncut sapphire11/154.6; 1/78.5
Uncut emerald11/309.1; 1/15
Silver ore100 (noted)1/4,096
Tooth half of key11/378.3; 1/352
Loop half of key11/378.3; 1/352
Law rune451/4,096
Death rune451/4,096
Steel arrow1501/4,096
Nature talisman11/1,649; 1/837
Uncut diamond11/2,473; 1/1,256
Nature rune671/2,731
Rune 2h sword11/2,731
Rune sq shield11/4,096
Uncut ruby11/618.3; 1/314
Runite bar11/1,638
Chaos talisman11/1,649; 1/837
Rune arrow421/4,096
Adamant javelin201/4,096

Other Substance:

Chocolate cake11/42.67
Dragon javelin heads101/21.33
Adamantite bar11/42.67

Black Dragon Weakness;

In osrs black dragon weakness are bolt and bane ammo.


Clue scroll (hard)11/128; 1/64
Ensouled dragon head11/35
Draconic visage11/5,000
Looting bag11/3
Clue scroll (elite)11/500; 1/250


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