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Speaking of beautiful and vibrant cities, Detroit, Michigan, sits at the very top of the list. Detroit is credited as the home of modern-day automobiles. It houses some of the biggest automobile companies and shows in the United States.

Apart from its car history, Motor City also boasts some of the country’s most exquisite restaurants, beautiful people, and vibrant nightlife. Visiting this city will give you a fantastic experience as you meet new people and share fresh ideas. With the bustling life in the city, movement can be a little bit challenging due to traffic, but with the bike share solution in Detroit, you can get anywhere in record time. This means of transport helps you get a better view and appreciate the city’s beauty more.

Exploring Detroit on Your Terms

Bike share is not just reliable; it’s also safe, cheap, and good for both the environment and your body. Among the exciting places you would like to see in Detroit, here are some notable mentions:

Take a Stroll Through Campus Martius Park

Strolling through the park at Campus Martius gives you a beautiful view of the city of Detroit. Here you can enjoy the beach, excellent food, and wonderful music. As a tourist, a stroll through this park can be seen as a way to obtain inner peace due to its calm environment. While at this award-winning park, take time to entertain yourself with chess or checkers, as bright minds are always ready to test your skills. You can also take a trip to the park’s beautiful Christmas tree, where the city unites annually to celebrate the holidays.

Watch A Performance At The Fox Theater

Standing as one of the only and longest surviving moving picture palaces of the early 20s, the Fox Theater represents an era in America’s movie industry. Designed as a 5000-capacity edifice, the theater hosts live performances from artists from different branches of art. Some of these performances include concerts, drama, singing competitions, and children’s plays. For an entertaining trip in the motor city, make it a duty to visit the Fox Theater and watch some of the most impressive performances by brilliant artists.

Get Lost In Knowledge In One Of The World’s Biggest Bookstores

This is where all book lovers can call home, as the shelves of books are endless. The John K. King bookstore houses over a million books, including very rare ones that couldn’t stand the test of time. At this bookstore, you get to enjoy different genres of books from different cultures in different languages. Open between 10 am and 5 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, it’s advisable to make the most of these 7 hours by visiting the store as early as possible.

Witness Beauty At The Institute Of Art

Designed to house the works of the world’s greatest artists, the Detroit Institute of Art is home to over 60,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and prints by artists worldwide. A visit to this museum will broaden your understanding of the evolution of contemporary and modern-day art and artists.


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