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In any case, hiring a moving company is the easiest way to a new home. Here you can find out what needs to be considered and how to recognize a professional moving company and Moving Companies.

Hire the right expert.

As in almost every other industry, there are now numerous comparison portals and online providers for relocations. This is certainly a good way to get an initial overview. However, it is advisable to place the order directly with the manufacturer or the service provider for the move. You can certainly rent a hotel or rental car online without any problems. However, a move often has a much longer planning horizon, so that important information is lost with online providers. Anger and frustration about who is responsible for problems and misguided agreements can only be avoided if there is direct communication with the manufacturer.

Attend a counseling session.

Similar to a craftsman, reputable relocation providers will also come to your home before each move and offer an individual consultation. Of course free of charge. Here the customer quickly notices whether he is hiring a specialist. In any case, the professional moving company will include all the goods to be moved in a moving list, find out about special features such as a piano, narrow corridors or larger machines and, after a sales pitch, prepare an offer for you.

A reputable company

In the conversation there is a full explanation of the costs incurred and special details such as short-term warehousing when moving abroador something similar. A reputable company does not usually work with relocation flat rates or a volume package that incurs additional costs if this is exceeded. A good moving company often takes on the complete relocation service, from assembling all the furniture and equipment to setting up a no-parking zone for the truck and all the packaging.

At the end of an informative consultation, you should be informed about the entire process of your move. You should be able to find all the costs in the offer and have the move carried out at a fixed price.

Ask about qualifications.

Moving companies are not always as expensive as you think. And if they do, then it is due to the quality of the staff and the scope of service that can be provided. In addition to the usual certificates for data protection, environmental and quality management systems, a good moving company can also provide qualified personnel. If you are planning a move that involves the transport of sensitive furniture or equipment, find out about the qualifications of the staff. Good moving companies employ well-trained staff.

A larger business location

For the installation of furniture, kitchens or electrical appliances, moving companies employ specialists for furniture, kitchen and moving services. This apprenticeship is geared towards the assembly and transport of removal goods. If you are planning to move an office or a larger business location, the move and Office Removals should not be carried out with vans or cars. Professional moving companies employ professional drivers with driving licenses for trucks up to 40 tons. Find out if your moving company has these qualifications.


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